Make it Green! -- At MichaelDay/studio we are committed to making our mark on earth smaller. Ask us how you can make your event decor more eco-friendly. It's easier than you think. By selecting even just one of the options presented below you will be contributing to a brighter and better future for generations to come.

Go Organic!  -- Most flowers, if not all, require great amounts of pesticides and soil/water polluting chemical compounds to keep bugs and critters off of them. They look great but they are usually covered in invisible poison. Solution: Request Organically grown flowers and plants. There are more and more options each day for chemical free flowers.

Go Local! --  Most consumers would be surprised at how far away their flowers have come from in order to end up at their event. Flowers are grown overseas and are flown in on planes over-night. Solution: Ask us for locally grown goods. We are surrounded by vast farmlands that grow beautiful produce and flowers. By requesting local goods you are not only cutting down on the carbon footprint of your event, but you will also be supporting a local economy of farmers and growers who drive in their beautiful flowers from all around the Tri-state area at much cheaper and eco-friendly cost than growers in Holland, Israel or New Zealand. The selection is limited to each season but you have the best that the New York area has to offer. Make it disappear! Our Industry creates tons of waste. Countless things end up in the trash and later in land fills. Solution: By using bio-degradable and recycled decor your party will not out-live you. Materials that will decompose are not only a smarter way to dress a room, but can also be fun!

Make it Last! -- Giant Flower arrangements can be beautiful and lavish. But cut flowers are only usable once. Solution: Request living plants that can be planted in a garden, a sidewalk flower-bed or a park. By using saplings, trees and other plants native to the New York area you are contributing to creating a carbon-neutral event. Trees are an indispensable part of our ecosystem and by giving your guests the option of taking them home and planting them you are being part of the solution - not the pollution! A tree will be the only thing that out lives your fabulous and eco-friendly event.