Michael Day studio, Inc is a full-service event production and floral design company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Our team will provide you with the freshest and most innovative ideas to create a memorable experience. Each custom-tailored event draws from the talents of the best artists, craftsmen and designers that make our studio young and forward-thinking with the potential and artistic vision to bring you creative solutions. We set no boundaries to our imagination nor limit ourselves to the conventional. We will make yours a one of a kind experience that will leave you wanting more.

Michael Day spent his childhood moving to and from Venezuela and South Florida. From his earliest years he was drawn towards all mediums of art and self expression. The experience of having lived in Latin America is present in his form and aesthetic and can be seen by the bold colors and textures that he uses to convey stories. After leaving Miami at age 20, he moved to NYC chasing a dream and in search of his families history, but most importantly, to become an artist. He was drawn to the memories of urban life in Venezuela where people, ideas and culture all operate in confined spaces. His education both in sculpture and installation art at Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts, have tought him to refine his work and ideas.